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If you’re in the market for top-quality valves, you’ll want to learn about Elasto-Valve Rubber Products (EVR). This Sudbury-based company is sometimes considered one of Sudbury’s best-kept secrets, and their hand-built products are the best-in-class. Located on Pioneer Road, the company employs over 40 Sudbury residents and ships to over 30 countries. EVR is recognized internationally as a premier source for custom rubber products and offers rapid delivery across North America and Europe.

Top valves

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products (EVR) is a Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, manufacturer of top valves and related products. They are experts in elastomers and are able to provide custom solutions for a variety of industries. Some of their core product lines include pinch valves, check valves, and connectors. They also offer pressure sensors and other custom solutions.

EVR solenoid valves are typically used in air conditioning systems. They are compatible with liquid, suction, and hot gas lines and are compatible with high-pressure and fluorinated refrigerants. They are available as a whole valve or in separate components.

Flexible slurry fittings

Flexible slurry fittings are a tough and convenient alternative to rigid steel pipelines. They are easily installed with basic tools and allow for quick pump relocation. In addition, hoses are highly mobile and can fit into existing pipe structures, reducing wear and tear on equipment. They also absorb the shocks and vibration of a slurry system. These features make flexible slurry fittings an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Using this technology, farmers can apply slurry with look at this now precision, while minimizing soil compaction. They can also cut the cost of fertiliser by up to 70 percent. That is a significant savings in today’s economy.

Vacuum-assist Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) systems

Vacuum-assist Enhanced Recovery systems (EVR) are a great way to recover vapors from gasoline and other petroleum products. The systems are designed to draw one part of saturated vapor from a vehicle’s tank for every part of liquid product dispensed. This is an important ratio to achieve to avoid overpressurization of a storage tank. Systems with a V/L ratio of more than 1.0 will cause pressure buildup in a storage tank.

Vacuum-assist systems utilize a vacuum pump and aspirator devices to collect the vapors. This method is known as Stage I vapor recovery.

Customized solutions

EVR Products is a Canadian-based manufacturer of rubber-based solutions for numerous industries. The company’s engineering expertise in elastomers allows it to develop customized solutions for any application. Its core product line includes check and pinch valves, expansion joints, connectors, elbows and hoses, and pressure sensors. It also offers a wide variety of customized solutions. Here’s a closer look at some of its products.

Customized solutions are ideal for businesses that deal with niche markets. However, customizing a solution can be time-consuming. Not only must developers know the niche and business, but they also need to test the resulting solution to ensure that it functions properly and meets regulatory requirements.