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If you’re interested in HVAC zoning, you’ll want to read about Arzel’s zoning technology. Arzel’s innovative products include HeatPumPro, EzySlide dampers, and Arzel Zoning Technology. We also feature the Arzel Comfort College, which features training for customers who are interested in learning more about HVAC zoning. Hopefully this article will help you make a decision about the best system for your needs.

Arzel Zoning Technology

Arzel Zoning Technology is a zoning system that helps home and business owners solve the comfort problems they face on a daily basis. The products from Arzel are known for their superior quality, dependability and ease of installation. In addition, they come with an industry-leading, lifetime warranty! That’s right, you can enjoy premium comfort for less! Here’s how Arzel Zoning Technology works.

The Arzel zoning system communicates with your HVAC system to adjust airflow to specific rooms and floors. The Arzel control center senses airflow patterns and adjusts dampers in the ducts to improve comfort and reduce energy bills. It also communicates with up to four thermostats. By controlling airflow, Arzel’s zoning system can help you save anywhere from five to fifteen percent on your energy bills, and provide better total home comfort.


With a built-in zoning system, the Arzel Comfort HeatPumPro allows you to customize the temperature in different zones in your home. Its unique zoning capabilities reduce the need for ductwork bypass, a common problem when retrofitting systems. In addition, its easy-to-use Set-Up Wizard makes commissioning a breeze. This system is available in two-, three-, or four-zone configurations.

With an Arzel zoning system, you can easily heat or cool specific rooms in your home, reducing the need to use a portable heater. This system also improves energy efficiency. When it comes to energy efficiency, you can expect to see a significant return on your investment. By regulating the temperature in specific rooms, the HeatPumPro offers a higher return on investment than a standard HVAC system.

EzySlide dampers

With the introduction of the Arzel Comfort EzySlide damper system, you can enjoy the comfort and control of a whole home HVAC system without the hassles of ductwork redesign. This motor-less damper system uses low pressure air supplied by Arzel control panels to open and close the valve, allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperature controls throughout the entire home. In addition to being convenient for retrofit applications, EzySlide dampers have a 3/4-inch gasket for a tight seal and are available in both round and square sizes. If you have a special size in mind, the company can custom-fit your damper order for you.

The Arzel Comfort EzySlide damper offers the ultimate in efficiency and reliability. The company has been offering online training for years, and offers a wide range of educational resources for the general public and HVAC contractors. It is also compatible with variable speed blowers and other HVAC systems. If you’re looking for a balancing damper, consider the BalancePro(r) damper, which is fully adjustable and installs in the same manner as standard EzySlide dampers. The system also offers zoning options.

Comfort College

The new curriculum for Arzel Zoning Technology has been released. Students can now learn how to perform zoning and heating testing. These classes are offered on the dates Feb. 11 and March 12, April 8 and 9, and May 13 and 14. The curriculum includes 10 hours of NATE recerification and Ohio State credit. The new courses are also designed with the needs of the HVAC technician in mind. While comfort is one of the most important aspects of an HVAC system, it is not the only factor that impacts system performance.

Comfort College offers classes in both live and virtual classroom formats. The curriculum focuses on the zoning process as an HVAC contractor tool, such as solving issues with too cold or too hot environments in light commercial and residential applications. Students will gain hands-on training in system design and programming. Students will learn the latest zoning concepts and gain the knowledge necessary to implement these principles into the work of their customers. Besides the classroom curriculum, students will also benefit from classroom exercises that allow them to practice what they have learned.