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When it comes to finding the best vegan chocolate gifts, there are a number of options available in the market. Whether you want to give a heart-shaped box or a box of chocolate truffles, you’re sure to find something you’re looking for. The vegan confectionery market has been growing in recent years, and there are many different types of vegan confections to choose from. The choices range from traditional chocolates to tongue-in-cheek gifts that contain hidden surprises. There are also many beautiful gifts that are guaranteed to impress.

Love Cocoa

Love Cocoa is a British company that produces delicious vegan chocolates. All of their chocolates are handmade and plastic-free. They also make use of biodegradable packaging. Each bar comes in a gorgeous box and is suitable for gifting. In addition to being vegan, Love Cocoa products also help to combat global warming. They contain cacao, sugar, cocoa butter, and other plant-based ingredients.

Moo Free

The multi-award-winning Moo Free chocolate range is made from natural, organic ingredients, and is dairy, gluten, and soy free. It is produced in an environmentally-friendly factory that sends zero waste to landfill. These chocolates make a perfect gift for vegans and those who don’t eat dairy.


If you’re looking for the perfect chocolate gift for a vegan friend, Hershey’s has you covered. TheĀ best vegan chocolate gifts famous American candy maker has partnered with ASR Group, a supplier of sugars, sweeteners, and syrups, to produce a line of vegan chocolate. The two companies have invested in a company called Bonumose, which creates breakthrough innovations in natural and plant-based ingredients.


To mark the coming of World Vegan Day on 1st November, Cadbury is launching a pop-up shop selling 100% vegan chocolate. The shop will be open for five days, and it will offer both smooth chocolate with salted caramel pieces. The company is also introducing new vegan chocolate bars, which are available online.

Hershey’s oat milk

Hershey’s has launched its first vegan chocolate bars using oat milk. Available in two flavours – Classic Dark and Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt – they are non-GMO, vegan, and made with Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa. These chocolate bars will soon be available in various retailers across the US.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat has a new plant-based range. They’ve been producing vegan chocolate for five years and have recently introduced a new range of plant-based slabs. Their new range of dark chocolates includes vegan versions of some of their best-known chocolates.

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is a San Francisco-based company dedicated to creating organic and sustainable chocolate. The company supports small farmers and uses fair trade and non-GMO certifications in its production. Additionally, its products are carbon neutral and contain no preservatives or palm kernel oil.


A vegan chocolate gift from Sjaak’s will be a welcome surprise for your recipient, no matter what their dietary needs are. The company produces vegan chocolates using organic, non-GMO ingredients and supports fair-trade practices. Its mission is to make vegan chocolates that promote a healthier lifestyle and promote sustainable agriculture.