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In the wake of the Corona lockdown, many survivors resorted to DIY tattoos and flocked to tattoo studios to get a #Covidtattoo. Vikas’ studio now has five customers a day. The tattoos he offers are spiritual, graphic designs, and ones that reference the quarantine period. The trend is also gaining popularity in Hollywood. If you’re considering getting inked, consider these five ideas for your first tattoo:

Corona beer bottle

People are getting tattoos of Corona beer bottles for a variety of reasons. Some people want to remind others to wash their hands, while others want to make a statement. Tattoos displaying coronavirus symbols can be a good reminder to remain hygienic and prevent the spread of disease. These designs can include words and symbols that reflect your connection to the global pandemic. Tattoos featuring doctors and nurses can also be a great way to promote good health.


You might want to get a Coronavirus tattoo if you love the creature. Its design is made up of a simple bat figure and the letter “19” which stands for COVID. Apparently, this virus was a novel and foreign object to humans. The word “virus” means something that infects other living things. This tattoo design is also black ink. In case you’re wondering where this virus came from, it was said to spring forth from bats.

Vaccination record

The application of vaccination tattoos has many similarities to smallpox inoculations, with the exception of the tattooed site. However, the tattoos may not be as effective as smallpox inoculations, due to the lack of an appropriate aftercare regimen. Moreover, tattoos use a near-identical administration method, allowing them to induce local immune dysregulation. While vaccinia and smallpox vaccinations are administered through the same method, previous studies have shown that these two procedures can cause further complications if they are placed in the same area.


Many people have been prompted to get tattoos of Covid masks because of the recent pandemic. But not all covid tattoos are equally sexy or artistic. Many women, for example, choose to get them in commemoration of a loved one or special place. The nurse, whose image is often found on tattoos, is a popular choice. Tattoo artists may choose to include a photo of the nurse or a halo of light around her head.


The popularity of COVID-19 tattoos is increasing as more people turn to these creative, spiritual art pieces. During the lockdown period, many Corona survivors turned to DIY tattoos, but once the lockdown phase was over, the number of people flocking to tattoo studios shot up. The Woodz Tattoo Shop has been flooded with people ever since it reopened. Vikas, a Brooklyn-based writer, says that she has at least five new customers a day. She offers religious and spiritual themes, as well as graphic designs, and also tattoos that relate to the quarantine.