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garage door repair

If your garage door is not functioning properly, it may be time for repair. The most common problems with garage doors are lubricated torsion springs, broken cables, and rattling noises. You can do a DIY repair by checking for these common problems. If you find that your door has one of these issues, call a garage door repair professional for assistance. Remember to avoid changing these springs on your own, as you may be putting yourself in danger.

Do-it-yourself garage door repair

Whether your garage door is noisy or not, there are many ways to troubleshoot the problem. Simple problems can be solved by performing some basic maintenance yourself, such as lubricating the moving parts. More complicated problems, however, may require the services of a professional. For these situations, a professional garage door repair company should be contacted. Listed below are some of the things you can do yourself.

Plan ahead. Planning is key to avoiding unexpected surprises during a garage door repair. Gather all the information you need about the garage door you’re going to repair, including how it works. Different garage doors may have different mechanisms and operate in different ways. Before beginning any garage door repair, make sure you understand what’s wrong with it. Even if you’ve installed it yourself, a professional will be able to show you how to fix any potential issues.

Make sure you’re familiar with the garage door spring. The spring on your door might look similar, but it’s critical to know how to properly install it. It’s also important to be aware of the weight of the door, as the old spring may not fit properly. The weight of a garage door may also change in the meantime, and using the wrong spring could lead to serious damage. Using the wrong spring could even cause your garage door to malfunction.

Common problems with garage doors

The most common problem encountered by homeowners is that their garage door is stuck in the open position. To fix this problem, start by checking the photo eye sensors, located on either side of the garage door. These sensors should be clean. You can clean them with a soft cloth and mild streak-free glass cleaner. If the problem still persists, contact a professional who will be able to diagnose the problem and repair it. In addition to cleaning photo eye sensors, you should also check the metal tracks. These tracks help the garage door move smoothly up and down, so they may become out of alignment.

Noises caused by garage doors are another problem commonly experienced by homeowners. Excessive noise is often a symptom of a worn-out garage door. This can be caused by dirt accumulation in the tracks or by lack of lubrication. Excessive noise can also be caused by faulty torsion springs. If you experience noise from your garage door, call a technician and have him or her check it out.

Garage door openers can be the source of the problem. The openers need to be plugged in properly. They must not trip any fuses. Garage door photo eyes must also be free of debris and not covered. Lastly, if the door is jamming, it could be a problem with the tracks or the cables. If you have any doubts about the functioning of the door, contact a professional immediately to determine the problem and fix it quickly.

Reasons to call a garage door repair company

The first thing to consider when choosing a repair company is if they’re licensed general contractors. While employees of garage door repair companies may be able to get away with a few small repairs themselves, it’s best to call a company that has both residential and commercial licenses. If a garage door repair company has prominent individuals on its staff, they should have proof of their experience, have passed an exam to show their knowledge of the industry, and carry current insurance.

Lastly, the garage door is an important security element. Without a garage door, homes are vulnerable to intruders. While a door that works properly will keep intruders out, one that malfunctions can allow people inside your home or see the contents of your garage. Calling a garage door repair company as soon as you see damage will help keep your family and home safe. If you don’t have time to spend money on repairs, it might be best to wait a couple of days.

In the case of a broken garage door opener, you may need repair services. A broken button can be dangerous and may lead to an accident. Additionally, a professional inspection can catch issues in their early stages. Regardless of how simple a problem may seem, it’s best to have a professional inspect the door regularly to ensure that it stays in good shape for as long as possible. This way, you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses and hassles down the road.