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When you conduct a search on Google, the results are based on your location. For example, if you search for [pizza restaurants], you will see only the ones nearby. The search engine knows your location from your IP address, Wi-Fi or mobile network settings, and your recent searches. This is to provide you with more relevant search results.

You can change your location in Google by navigating to the search settings on any iPhone, Android phone or desktop browser. From here, you can select a region where you would like to receive local search results, then update the location. If you don’t want to reveal your actual location, there are other ways to fake it on Google Search.

While changing your location in Google Search is simple, it isn’t always practical. For example, if you work in an industry that requires you to travel regularly, it can be frustrating to have to go through the process of changing your location every time you want to test out SEO tools or check on a site’s SERP performance. Alternatively, you may just want to increase your privacy and not let websites know where you are located online.

The good news is that Google offers several different methods to change your search results and other features based on your location, even though they have removed the Google Search location filter from its list of tools to refine your search results. In this article, we’ll cover a few quick and easy ways to do just that.

Google has its tentacles in just about everything, including your geographical location. This means that the results you see when searching can be influenced by where you live, where you have previously searched from, and what is currently happening in your city or town. While this is a great way to get more tailored results, it can also be annoying if you’re trying to find something that’s not available in your area.

Fortunately, there are ways to manipulate the results you see on Google search by using different tools and tricks. One of the best methods is to use a reputable google search location changer. This method allows you to use Google Search as if you are in another location, and can be used on a desktop or laptop computer.

To do this, you need to create a new Google account with the country or region of your choice. This will then automatically change the location of your other Google products, such as YouTube, Search, and Maps. It’s worth noting, however, that this method doesn’t completely hide your location from Google – it will still be stored in cookies and other data on its servers. It is also not as foolproof as some of the other techniques in this article. For this reason, we recommend only using it when necessary. It’s a useful tool for SEO testing and can help you improve your search engine optimization campaigns, but it is not recommended for long-term use.