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Phone number lookup API provides information about a telephone number by using data from various sources. It is useful for many applications, including fraud prevention, marketing, and due diligence.

International call centers use phone number lookups to help connect customers with the right agent, who will speak their language and offer them customized services. It can also be used to identify a customer’s geographical location, which can make it easier for businesses to promote their services in that country.

Mobile Appending

The mobile industry is growing rapidly, and a lot of companies are sending promotional messages to their customers through their phones. However, it is important to check and update the user database before sending a message to them. This way, it is possible to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns and save a lot of money by not sending unnecessary messages.

Tracers Data Append Phone Number API is a cloud-based platform that allows you to search for an individual’s information and get their phone number delivered directly into your current system for faster right-party contact. This is particularly helpful for collection agencies and financial institutions who are in need of connecting with the right debtors to ensure repayment and recovery.

SEON Reverse Phone Lookups

SEON is a reverse phone number lookup API solution that can provide you with extra data about a person, such as their address, demographics, and relatives. It is a powerful data enrichment tool that is becoming increasingly popular among risk managers because it can quickly and easily identify good and bad actors for fraud prevention and customer intelligence.

Reverse number lookup tools allow you to check a phone number for validity, country, carrier, and line type. They can also identify if the phone number is virtual, which means it’s not the real owner’s number.

NumVerify offers a comprehensive phone number lookup solution that can help you distinguish between landlines and cellular numbers, as well as determine the location of the number. It can even help you find out if the number is ported or not, which is especially important when dealing with clients who may be travelling.

It supports international phone numbers, and its service is available on a subscription basis. It also includes a free trial to try out the software before committing to a monthly payment.

The SEON Phone Number Lookup Module is a great tool for identifying good and bad actors, reducing fraud, streamlining onboarding, minimizing account takeovers, and empowering you to segment your users into VIP segments for personalized marketing. It works on open-source databases and can calculate a risk score that informs your business on how to deal with the user.

Voxology’s Number Lookup API is an easy-to-use REST-based API that provides a wide range of phone number information. It can be integrated with your application in a few simple steps.

To get started, you’ll need an access key and a number parameter. You can also add other query parameters to your request, such as carrier and Ekata Reverse Phone Lookup. Once you have all this, prepare a REST request and submit it to the Voxology API. It will return your phone number and the information it contains in the form of a JSON response object.