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For 50 years the Beatles have been a part of popular culture. They are immortalized in countless cover bands, Cirque du Soleil productions and video games. Their music has inspired the likes of Miley Cyrus and Moby. Their songs have been reimagined by the Flaming Lips, The Cure and Tegan and Sara. Their legacy continues to live on with every anniversary of a Beatles album or the release of a new tribute band.

One of the best beatles tribute band is The WannaBeatles which blends precision musical renditions with an engaging show. The band members, who are also professional musicians, are known for their impressive stage presence and sonic accuracy. The band also uses a variety of costumes and instruments to recreate the look and sound of the Fab Four. The band is able to appeal to a broad audience, from baby boomers who grew up listening to the Beatles to teens just discovering them.

Another excellent Beatles tribute band is Rain. Unlike some other groups, this group tries to re-create the actual experience of seeing the Beatles during the 1964 British Invasion. They use a large screen behind the stage to display photos and video clips to help set the scene for their shows. They also dress in period clothes and play the right instruments – John’s black Rickenbacker, Paul’s left-handed Hofner violin bass and Ringo’s Ludwig drums. Sadly, Gary Grimes, their original Paul stand-in has passed away, but Mac Ruffing does an excellent job as their new Paul. Tom Work is still their George and Ardavan Sarraf plays a very good John.

This band, which is based in California, has been touring the world for the past 10 years and have won many awards for their performances. They have a huge following and are considered to be one of the top Beatles tribute bands in the world. They have even performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The show features a four piece band, an accompanist, a video screen and a costume designer.

In addition to performing the songs of the Fab Four, this band offers some unique covers of classics by other artists such as the Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys. The band is highly entertaining and has a great sense of humor. They are an excellent choice for any event, including corporate parties, weddings and birthday celebrations.

When booking a tribute band, be sure to let them know your preferences so that they can tailor their performance to fit your event. The band will need an hour or so to set up before they start playing, so make sure that the venue is ready for them. Usually, the tribute band will play for about an hour with 15 minutes break. Most of the time they will take requests, but you may need to pay a little extra for them to prepare any songs that aren’t on their regular song list. They will also need a high quality PA system with enough speakers to fill the room.