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If you’re planning to paint the walls in your condo, here are some tips. First, decide on the color. Choosing the perfect color for your condo house can be challenging – you don’t want to make the residents unhappy! But don’t fret! These tips will help you decide on a paint color that matches the rest of your condo’s decor. In addition, they will tell you how to choose a good contractor and notify your tenants, so that no one has to worry about a paint-covered condo.

Choosing the right color for your condo house

There is a lot to be said about the color scheme you choose for your condo house. Besides its aesthetic appeal, it also affects your overall outlook and well-being. The best paint color is the one that matches your personality. Read on for tips that will help you pick the perfect color for your condo house. You might also want to consider hiring a painting crew to complete the job on time and within budget.

Choosing a contractor

If you own a condominium, repainting is a great way to keep it clean and attractive for tenants. However, the process can be tricky because condominium boards often put guidelines in place that must be followed by the occupants. Make sure to get these guidelines in writing so that you can reference them when needed. When choosing a contractor for condo click for more info house painting, consider the worst-case scenario and your threshold for budgeting.

Preparing the walls

There are some things to remember before beginning the painting process. You may not have the original paint color on hand. If you do, it is best to have an actual bucket of paint handy. You may not want to use a paint chip since it might be discontinued. You should also be aware of common painting problems. For more tips, check out the Boysen blog. You can also download free painting apps. Then, use the correct technique to paint your walls.

Notifying tenants

Before you begin a painting project, you should notify your tenants about the work. You can extend this notice for a certain number of months if you need to do it quickly. In some situations, however, it may be better to wait until after the tenants have moved out. In such a case, you can offer them a partial or full refund. If you are painting your entire building, however, it is better to wait until the tenants move out.


While there are plenty of tips and tricks for painting a condo, the overall cost for one room will probably be more than $2,700. A typical condo costs more than a studio apartment, so the total cost will depend on how large the rooms are, as well as the quality of paint and the contractor. Additionally, your condo’s homeowners’ association may have rules and regulations regarding paint colors. If so, make sure to consult the rules before you start painting.