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Why choose a Brisbane psychologist? The highest standard evidence based clinical mental health care in a beautiful, thriving environment, found in Ashgrove and Brisbane CBD. Time for a change in your personal life? Experienced Brisbane Psychologists are able to offer effective assistance with stress, anxiety, depression, work and relationship problems, as well as issues with drug or alcohol abuse. Find out how these qualified professionals can help you move forward in your personal, professional and business lives.

Hire an Affordable Professional – The most important thing is to find a Brisbane clinical psychologist who offers affordable rates. If you’re lucky enough to have a family doctor, you are lucky enough. However, even those without family doctors can sometimes benefit from the guidance of a good specialist. Look for a professional offering affordable rates, and those offering a sliding-scale fee. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your wellbeing.

Work Better With Others – Whether you’re single and seeking a psychologist to help you balance your personal and professional life, or a couple and looking for help to manage stress and improve communication, working better with others is important. There are many benefits to working better with others, including improving communication, dealing with conflict, improving wellness and self-care, and improving relationships. Look for a psychologist who works well with clients of varying ages, physical conditions, cultures and lifestyles. This will ensure that he or she has a variety of skills and experience to better understand the needs of their clients. Many psychologists have worked with clients who do not speak English, and others with limited or no English. This is invaluable when considering whether to use individual counselling or group therapy.

Get Support – Getting support from clinical psychologists is essential whether you’re in Brisbane or further afield. Many people look for support while they are undergoing treatment. You will be given time to research different therapies and to ask questions when you are not clear on something. This is important to the success of any treatment. Look for those who offer free telephone consultations and website visits, so you can get answers when you need them most, at short notice.

Provide Evidence-Based Therapy – Most practitioners of behavioural and developmental psychology understand that clients’ perspectives are crucial to the process. A good practitioner knows how to collect information from their clients and how to utilise it to help them understand their individual needs and situations. The result is a better understanding of the situation and a greater ability to act on it. Look for those who are eager to collect details, and to present their findings in an evidence-based manner.

Manage Emotional Anxiety – If you are experiencing emotional problems, such as low self-esteem or stress at work, you may benefit from therapy with a psychologist who has experience dealing with similar issues. The emotional upheaval is a common problem for clients and can affect moods, insomnia and even suicidal thoughts. Good practitioners will be sensitive to these issues and able to identify signs and symptoms. They should be happy to discuss all aspects of your therapy, without taking sides, and make recommendations that are in your best interest.

Create Better Work and Relationship Habits – counsellors are also trained to encourage communication and encourage couples to remain calm and positive in difficult situations. They can help you to manage difficult conflicts and to deal with the negativity that sometimes comes with a difficult relationship. You can go to them for advice on creating stronger relationships and a more fulfilling career. They should be able to give you practical tips on doing work in an office and getting along with co-workers. If you have children, they should offer emotional support, as well.

Psychologists who understand clients’ adjustment issues can often find common ground. For instance, clients may be anxious about money, but a psychologist who knows how to manage clients’ anxiety about money might be able to help them overcome their financial anxieties. A qualified professional will know when to seek out patients’ support, when to encourage communication and when to offer reassurance. In the end, you can be sure that your therapy with a psychologist in Brisbane will be a truly satisfying and rewarding experience.